1. My interview with 90.5 KSHU


  2. Finally, after a year of working non-stop I have something for y’all. Two new tracks from me to you. Listen and let me know what you think.

  3. #TBT SXSW

  4. E Bleu Recording Sessions



  7. E Bleu Interview with FOX4 KBTV

    So it s been an interesting couple weeks for us on the music end. But all in all its finally coming together. We got a nice surprise when the good people at FOX4 KBTV wanted to interview us for a new show on their network. The new show is about the few people in this world that live a different kind of life. From actors to professional athletes and even, you guessed it, musicians. Here’s a little blog post on our website about the experience along with some behind the scenes photographs. The show wont be up very soon but we will definitely keep everyone interested involved on when it comes out and what channel to watch it on TV. Thanks again for everyone’s support!
    Click the link below for the blog post:
  8. Click on the picture to check out my webiste done by J

  9. J Swag